Islam Made Easy Academy is an online-based platform aimed to achieve four main goals:

1- Strengthening the Islamic faith.
2- Establishing the religiosity and enhancing the spirituality of Muslims.
3- Helping Muslims understand Islam through the authentic teaching of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet [PBUH].
4- Teaching Arabic, the Language of the Quran.

For each of those goals, we will provide a wide spectrum of courses and classes that will help students at different levels find the right learning path.


Meet your teacher

Hello, I am Sheikh Mahmoud A. Khalifa a teacher of Quran, Islamic Studies and Arabic. A graduate of Al-Azhar University Department of Islamic Studies in English; A Hafidh of Quran and obtainer of Ijazahs in Quran and other branches of Ilm Shar’i; Three-Year Experience in online teaching and the author of Islamic studies courses for beginners.

Available course

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Learn Arabic for the Quran and Sunnah – Live group course

A 24-hour live group course to explain “Learn Arabic for Quran and Sunnah” Book. This course enables the learner to understand 85% of the classical Arabic used in the holy Quran and the Sunnah. These classes will help the students learn the essential vocabulary and grammar that, along with practice, will result in understanding the holy Quran and the Sunnah.

Fiqh of day and night

Fiqh of Day and Night – Live course

Through a selection of classic Islamic texts, including “Fiqh Al-Yawm wa Al-Laylah” (Fiqh of Day and Night), “Ihyaa Ulum Ad-Din” and “Mukhtasar Minhaj Al-Qasideen” this course will provide you with a complete guide on how to live an Islamic lifestyle.

The course is divided into two sections:
One speaks about the fiqh matters related to how to offer the acts of worship related to fajr, morning, noon, afternoon, maghrib, isha’ and late night time.

The second section describes in details the daily lifestyle of the prophet (PBUH) and how he used to spend those times, balance his life, fulfill the right of Allah, take care of his family, and deal graciously with his companions and rest of people.


Developing Khushu in Salah – Live course

The “Developing Khushu in Salah” course is designed to help the Muslims enhance their level of khushu (concentration, tranquility, and mindfulness) in their daily prayers. This course aims to provide practical guidance, strategies, and insights to overcome distractions, increase spiritual connection, and establish a profound relationship with Allah during the act of worship.